Since 1999, we have leveraged our in-depth study on racism and discrimination to develop a series of online, in-person and virtual programs which continue to help corporations, institutions and governments to empower their board members, staff, and management teams to make their corporate culture more inclusive, equitable, and cohesive.

We gathered and examined over a thousand instances of unconscious biases and microaggressions in verbal and written communications across a diversity of industries. We have also interviewed hundreds of people who have been victims of racism and discrimination at work and many other people who, after going through our programs, admitted having unintentionally racialized or discriminated against their fellow employees.

It is upon this 20+ worth of in-depth research that we developed a three-to-five-year training curriculum which is progressive, inclusive, and comprehensive, moving employees through a series of preliminary courses to intermediate programs and advanced certifications. Therefore, we are delighted and honoured to offer and facilitate these programs for your staff, management, and board members in the next three to five years.

Corporate EDI Training Programs 

Board of Directors

Empowers participants with the analytical tools to make strategic EDI decisions & equitable techniques to support executives, management, & staff in their quest for balanced representation, inclusive leadership, a cohesive culture, & the repositioning of brand equity.

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Staff Empowerment

Empowers participants with the tact and diplomacy required to support the transformation of corporate culture through corporate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives, while being inspired to increase their participant in EDI programs to eliminate racism and discrimination.

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Customized Programs

Empower specialized groups like lawyers, nurse, judges, politicians, etc., with social justice awareness to practice inclusive leadership and become better advocates of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and strategies allies of minoritized, racialized and underrepresented groups.

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Executives & Senior Management

Empowers participants with increased awareness of social justice and inclusive leadership as well as how to leverage the concept of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to create a safe and brave work environment, strengthen team synergy, and achieve strategic goals and objectives and profitable growth.

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Affinity/Employee Resource Groups

Empowers participants with tips, tools, and techniques to protects themselves from mental and emotional health challenges, while being equipped with the tact and diplomacy to turn instances of microaggression, biases, prejudices, racism, discrimination, etc. into learning opportunities.

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Functional Units & Departments

Empowers participants with customized programs and strategies that are applicable to their functional units like marketing, HR, Finance, Communications, etc., along with strategic tips, tools, and techniques to eliminate the clues and cues of racism and discrimination in their policies & processes.

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Facilitation Options

In-Person Training

Consider the significant impact of in-person training, we represent over 300 speakers across Canada and the United States, from coast to coast to coast and with the ability to facilitate programs in English, French, Spanish and other languages of your choice. To book a speaker near you, click here.

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Virtual Training

All our 300+ speakers have the capacity and capabilities to facilitate virtual or hybrid programs for your group anywhere in the world, leveraging technologies like Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams and other software to provoke their thoughts and equip them with strategic tips, tools and techniques to advance social justice.

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Online Self Study

Obtain access to over 300 hours of exciting, educative and entertaining micro-learning videos & quizzes to transform the mentality and methodologies of your audience, while equipping them at their place and pace with the mindset, skillset and toolset required for social justice advocacy and support for EDI initiatives.

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