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International Womens Day

Uniting & empowering diverse gender identities worldwide with strategies to bridge pay gaps, combat harassment & break down systemic barriers.

2024 Women Empowerment & Gender Equity Symposium

Theme: Maximizing Women's Potential for Corporate Impact & Nation Building

The 2024 Women Empowerment & Gender Equity Symposium is a pivotal event dedicated to fostering dialogue, collaboration, and action towards maximizing women's potential for corporate impact and nation-building. With a theme centered on harnessing the power of women to drive positive change at both corporate and national levels, the symposium aims to address critical issues, share best practices, and inspire collective action.

The 2024 Women Empowerment & Gender Equity Symposium is not just a conference but a catalyst for transformative change, driving progress towards a future where women are equal partners in shaping corporate success and nation-building endeavors. Join us in harnessing the full potential of women for a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable world.



2023 Lunch & Learn International Women's Day Empowerment Series

The 2023 Lunch & Learn International Women's Day Empowerment Series was a dynamic and inclusive event designed to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide, foster dialogue on pressing issues, and empower individuals to take action toward gender equality and women's empowerment. Held in honor of International Women's Day, this series of interactive lunchtime sessions provides a platform for learning, networking, and inspiration.

By bringing together diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives, the 2023 Lunch & Learn International Women's Day Empowerment Series creates a vibrant platform for learning, growth, and empowerment. Together, we celebrate the achievements of women, recognize the challenges they face, and commit to building a more equitable and inclusive world for all. Join us in honoring International Women's Day and advancing the global movement for gender equality and women's empowerment.


2022 International Women's Day

2022 Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity, where we gather to confront systemic injustices, celebrate diversity, and forge pathways towards a more inclusive society. Against the backdrop of a changing world, our theme this year, "Dismantling Colonialism, Building Cohesiveness," underscores our commitment to challenging historical legacies and fostering unity among all Canadians.

Our theme, "Dismantling Colonialism, Building Cohesiveness," speaks to the urgent need for unity in the face of division. By acknowledging the historical injustices wrought by colonialism and its ongoing legacy, we lay the groundwork for healing, reconciliation, and solidarity among all Canadians. Through candid conversations, collaborative problem-solving, and collective action, we will strive to build bridges across divides, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose that transcends cultural, racial, and socioeconomic boundaries.

Connect with like-minded professionals, advocates, and changemakers from across Canada during networking breaks and social events. Share ideas, exchange best practices, and forge collaborations that will drive meaningful change in your organizations and communities.

Join us as we continue the journey towards inclusive diversity and workplace equity in Canada and beyond. Together, we can create workplaces and communities where everyone thrives, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or background.


2021 Women's Day Conference

Theme: Choose to Challenge

The 2021 Women Empowerment & Gender Equity Symposium, themed "Choose to Challenge," aimed to foster dialogue, awareness, and action surrounding issues related to women's empowerment and gender equity. The theme "Choose to Challenge" suggests an active stance against gender biases and inequality, encouraging individuals to challenge societal norms and stereotypes that hinder progress towards gender equality.

Through a multifaceted approach, the symposium aimed to foster dialogue, raise awareness, and inspire concrete action on a range of issues central to women's empowerment and gender equity. Panel discussions, keynote addresses, and interactive workshops provided platforms for participants to engage in nuanced discussions, exchange perspectives, and deepen their understanding of the complex factors shaping gender dynamics in diverse contexts.

Overall, the 2021 Women Empowerment & Gender Equity Symposium with the theme "Choose to Challenge" served as a catalyst for driving meaningful progress towards a more inclusive and equitable world for all genders.