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Black History Month

Honoring Black Brilliance & Boosting Representation in various sectors, while advocating for justice and economic empowerment for people of African descent.

2024 Leadership & Black History Symposium

The virtual symposium will feature engaging chats with renowned personalities, offering attendees thought-provoking discussions and captivating entertainment. Speakers and delegates worldwide will explore leadership principles and address challenges faced by marginalized communities, championing inclusive environments where all can thrive.

Nosakhare Alex Ihama, Executive Director of the Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity, highlights the event's mission to inspire excellence and celebrate the brilliance within the Black community. Discussions will focus on ensuring Black individuals' rightful inclusion in all facets of society, driving strategies for change.

In response to George Floyd's death, the Canadian Congress has organized over 200 events, fostering awareness of Black History, Indigenous Education, and Women's Empowerment. Delegates from diverse regions will gather to reflect on Black history's legacy, fortifying their commitment to positive global leadership and empowerment.


2023 Black History Month Lunch & Learn

A Weekly Series on Black Impact & Excellence

Every week, we gathered to celebrate and explore the rich tapestry of Black culture and history. These gatherings were more than just a meal; they were an opportunity to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the significant contributions made by Black individuals throughout history.

During these sessions, we delved into various aspects of Black culture, from art and music to literature and cuisine. Through presentations, discussions, and interactive activities, we sought to shed light on the often overlooked narratives and achievements of Black communities around the world.

Through the Black History Lunch and Learn, we aimed to create a space where everyone felt welcomed, valued, and heard. It was a small yet meaningful way to honor the resilience, strength, and beauty of Black heritage while striving to build a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


2022 Black History Month

Education, Empowerment & Black Brilliance

As we gather for our second annual Black History Month celebration, we embark on a journey that transcends mere reflection on historical achievements; it's a dynamic acknowledgment of the ongoing and indelible contributions made by Black individuals in contemporary society. Beyond commemorating the past, this event serves as a powerful platform to illuminate the diversity, resilience, and sheer excellence within the Black community today.

At the heart of this celebration lies a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in all facets of society. By confronting historical injustices and acknowledging the ongoing struggle for equality, we renew our dedication to building a fairer and more just world for future generations.

 As we honor the past, celebrate the present, and envision a brighter future, let us unite in solidarity to uphold the principles of justice, equality, and inclusivity that lie at the core of Black History Month and the broader quest for social progress.