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We are here to help you and your organizations eliminate the clues and cues of racism and discrimination while building a more diverse, inclusive, cohesive, and equitable corporate culture and a training program that is comprehensive, applicable, and transformational.

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We leveraged our in-depth study on racism & discrimination to develop online, in-person & virtual programs that help corporations, institutions & governments to empower their board members, staff, and management teams while making their corporate culture more inclusive, equitable & cohesive.

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While we are grateful for the amazing testimonials of our clients, we pride ourselves in the diligence of our work, our exceptional ability to connect with diverse employees, the thoroughness of our research, remarkable client services, the timeliness of our delivery and the lasting impact of our services.

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At the Canadian Congress, we exist to be a voice that will linger for generations, advocating for love, kindness, unity and the human rights & civil liberties of Canadians, while empowering people, corporations, institutions, communities & the government to foster inclusive diversity & workplace equity.

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The Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity is a national organization with access to about 300 academic & experiential experts, researchers, and facilitators in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) that offer an end-to-end strategic framework for organizations, institutions, and the government to eliminate systemic racism from their brand, culture, systems, policies & management.

While we organize some of the largest and most impactful social justice events in the country, empowering thousands of Canadians each year to stand up for equity, we also help organizations to develop & implement short & long- term corporate EDI strategies, specialized EDI initiatives, content for Learning Management Systems (LMS), and a three-to-five-year strategic roadmap to facilitate the transformation of their corporate culture.

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Welcome to our Canadian Congress University of Diversity, a comprehensive Learning Management System, (LMS) that is committed to transforming employees into social justice advocates and senior management into inclusive leaders. We are dedicated to empowering millions of people all over the world with tips, tools, tactics, techniques, and training to transform their mentality, management, and methodology.

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