Since 1999, we have been fortunate enough to offer a diverse array of services to major organizations around the world, as well as academic institutions, arms of the government, associations, and communities.

While we are grateful for the amazing testimonials of our clients, we pride ourselves in the diligence of our work, our exceptional ability to connect with diverse employees, the thoroughness of our research, remarkable client services, the timeliness of our delivery and the lasting impact of our services.

Corporate Strategy

Let us help you to develop, implement, measure, and sustain a long-term corporate EDI strategy backed by a systematic framework to eliminate systemic racism, execute multi-year goals & objectives, and a roadmap of measurable initiatives to be implemented within three to five years.

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Leadership Training

Let us offer you and your employees holistic and transformational EDI content for staff, management, board of directors and other functional areas like Marketing, Finance, HR and Affinity and Employee Resources Groups (ERG), leveraging multiple techniques to accommodate different learning styles.

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Policy Audit

Let us review, assess, and evaluate your corporate policies, processes and procedures through a social justice lens to identify the clues and cues of systemic racism and enable your organization to build a cohesive, safe and brave culture that empowers your employees to foster inclusive diversity & workplace equity.

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Leadership Coaching

Let us coach your management, executives, and board members to increase their level of self, people and situational awareness to the extent of avoiding burnout, connecting with people of diverse backgrounds and sustaining a corporate culture that enables cohesiveness and peak performance.

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Data Analytics

Let us help you to effectively gather and thoroughly analyze the required data from your organization to develop suite management reports and business and competitive intelligence, along with dashboards to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risk and ensure business and program continuity.

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E-Learning Content

Let us grant your staff, management, and board members access to over 300 online courses and certification programs that can be taken at their pace and place to develop self-awareness and educate, empower and empower them with the tips, tools and techniques to achieve their learning objectives.

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