Welcome to our Canadian Congress University of Diversity, a comprehensive Learning Management System, (LMS) that is committed to transforming employees into social justice advocates and senior management into inclusive leaders. We are dedicated to empowering millions of people all over the world with tips, tools, tactics, techniques, and training to transform their mentality, management, and methodology.

Therefore, we have built a platform with about a thousand hours of thought-provoking, empowering, and inspirational content on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion that will empower participants to identify and eliminate their natural prejudicial tendencies and the cues and clues of systemic racism in their corporate culture.

Based on the feedback from participants, the impact of the program you complete on this platform is going to be quickly evidenced in your approach to people and situations to the extent that some organizations have bought and implemented our content in their Learning Management Systems (LMS) to support the continuous development of their current and future employees.

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Get a deeper understanding of EDI, racism, discrimination & other social justice issues

What you'll get:

The history of race, racism and the racialization of humanity

The impact & benefits of EDI strategies to transform culture 

Corporate framework & action plans to transform management mentality

Learn How to Maximize Diversity to Enhance Management, Policies, Systems & Cultures

What you'll get:

10+ Hours of Online Content

Quizzes to Reinforce Learning

Actionable Strategies for Success

The objective of this exciting and transformational curriculum is to educate, equip and empower people in or aspiring to be in a position of authority with the strategic training, tips, tools, tact, and techniques to identify and deal with their biases, connect and communicate with other people cohesively, and appreciate while celebrating and maximizing differences in perspectives, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, academic and socio-economic backgrounds and other aspects of diversity.

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 Learn strategic tips, tools & techniques to empower staff, make leadership inclusive & transform culture

What you'll get:

A strategic EDI framework to eliminate racism & discrimination

A elaborate EDI roadmap to transform mentality colonial & methodologies

Applicable personal & corporate action items to advance the cause for social justice


Advanced Understanding of the Pains, Plights & Potential of Indigenous People

What you'll get:

Overview of Indigenous history, art, culture & traditions

Strategies to support the Indigenization of workplaces

Opportunities to maximize Indigenous methodologies 

Learn how to leverage the power and potential of women to impact organizational culture & profitable growth

What you'll get:

Tips, tools and techniques to enable gender equity in the workplace

 Women’s empowerment and Women’s rights through transformative training and learning

Learn analytical techniques to uncover intersectional gender-based insights

Learn how to become a more impactful advocate and activist for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

What you'll get:

Diverse strategies to impact your workplace & communities

Strategic EDI solutions to enable equality & equitable justice

The role & responsible of social justice advocates & activists